CenTrak's Unique Clinical Grade-Visibility™ Technology

What is RTLS?

In healthcare, a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) is a system used to provide immediate or real-time tracking and management of medical equipment, staff and patients within all types of patient care environments. While the technology differs from using location data captured by satellite trilateration, it can be thought of as a type of “indoor GPS” for hospitals. However, more so than just locating assets, accurate locating technology that easily integrates with other Healthcare IT solutions enables facilities to improve workflow, reduce costs and increase clinical quality.

What makes the difference in RTLS?

Location Accuracy

CenTrak’s patented Second Generation Infrared (Gen2IR™) technology delivers certainty-based location with the capability of segmenting spaces into clinically meaningful zones. For clinical applications, zones are typically patient rooms, beds, bays, nursing stations, hallway segments and other relevant workflow areas.

Update Speed

CenTrak's platform delivers rapid location and condition updates capable of capturing interactions between equipment, patients and staff within seconds. The collection of clinical milestones are also facilitated using immediate button presses. CenTrak provides the only Real-Time Location System specifically engineered to handle the speed, precision and rigors of today's healthcare environment.

Easy Installation

CenTrak's RTLS is battery-powered, easy to install and can leverage existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. Battery-powered devices are installed in patient care areas without the need to close rooms or deploy special infection prevention measures, resulting in little to no operational downtime.


In addition to being the most accurate hospital asset tracking system, CenTrak's Clinical-Grade Visibility technology is an open location platform that can integrate seamlessly with both existing and new applications including Nurse Call, Electronic Health Records, Capacity Management, Bed Management, Asset Management, Computerised Maintenance Management and Hand Hygiene Compliance.

The Most Accurate Real-Time Location System

CenTrak's healthcare RTLS solution helps you focus on certain areas of your facility that are essential to patient satisfaction. It's a smarter healthcare tracking system that helps care facilities strengthen their financial outlook and optimise patient outcomes. CenTrak's Enterprise Location Services have huge benefits for medical staff, patients and families alike.

CenTrak Solution Overview

The areas improved by CenTrak's RTLS technology include:

  • Asset Management - Allow healthcare facilities to easily determine the exact location of tagged assets to reduce equipment shrinkage/hoarding, decrease the time staff spend searching for equipment, and automate PAR-level management.
  • Nurse Call Automation - Provide enhanced communication capabilities for staff, faster response times for patients and robust data collection for administrative reporting and analysis.
  • Clinical Workflow - Examine how care is delivered, eliminate bottlenecks, and identify new ways to improve efficiency, quality, capacity and revenues.
  • Wander Management - Empower patients and residents with a feeling of control and freedom while ensuring their safety and security
  • Infant Protection - Ensure newborns are protected and always properly matched with the correct mother with CenTrak newbaby™, the most advanced security & location platform.
  • Hand Hygiene Compliance - Help healthcare facilities better manage infection risk and provide a cost-effective approach to capture compliance and noncompliance events 24/7.
  • Environmental Monitoring - Meet compliance standards and prevent product loss with CenTrak Spectrum™ - wireless temperature and environmental monitoring that eliminates the need for manual reporting of storage conditions.
  • Staff Duress - Deploy immediate responses during emergencies by instantly locating the staff member under duress. Assistance is only a simple button-press away.
  • Infection Control/Contact Tracing - Track interactions between patients, clinical staff and facility equipment to contain infectious outbreaks.
  • Wayfinding - Provide visitors with clear and simple turn-by-turn directions directly to a users' Bluetooth-enabled device.