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Digium introduces first affordable HD touchscreen IP phone for business


February 9, 2017Digium®, Inc., The Asterisk® Company, has introduced the industry’s first affordable high definition touchscreen IP phone. The Digium D80 is poised to disrupt the status quo of high-cost, low-quality, touchscreen desk phones. With today’s modern workforce demanding ease of use, intuitive interfaces, high levels of customisation and simplified workflows, Digium recognises the challenge of successfully meeting these needs while also creating a premium product that is affordable for any user. Designed to complement any environment, the D80 provides the advanced features required by even the most sophisticated, evolving businesses.

Read the full press release here.

Introducing Digium’s HD touchscreen IP business phone

It’s an exciting day here at Digium! We are pleased to announce the newest, most powerful addition to our family of IP phones, the D80. It is the industry’s first affordable, HD touchscreen IP business phone.

HD touchscreen phone for business

The D80 is more than a simple replication of a traditional phone with touchscreen buttons; it is a modern reinvention of the telephone. The large, 7-inch HD touchscreen will revolutionise the way you interact with your communications platform through its user interface that is intuitive, innovative, and completely touch-driven, negating the need for any physical buttons. By utilising a 100% touch-centric interface, not only is the user experience more pleasant, but it also enables your business to create highly customised and simplified workflows to meet the demands of today’s varied office environments.

Optimised for Touch

Advanced phone applications, such as visual voicemail, user presence, and intelligent contacts have been optimised for touch, giving users an unprecedented level of functionality. It provides up to 100 rapid dial keys, also known as busy lamp fields or status indicators, and provides support for electronic hook switch (EHS) headsets and gigabit ethernet. Like other Digium IP phones, the D80 features HDVoice for crystal clear audio, simple setup and provisioning, and the tightest integration possible with Asterisk, Switchvox, and Switchvox Cloud.

Enhanced Technology, Affordable for Everyone

In true Digium fashion, the D80 is expected to disrupt the status quo of modern business phones and set new expectations by giving users access to exceptional technology without a steep price tag. Businesses of all sizes will be able to purchase technology-forward IP phones at a fraction of the cost of other phones. The D80 will be available for purchase at $329 USD or for rent through the Digium IP Phone Rental Program beginning at $16 USD per month (with a signed 3-year Switchvox Cloud contract).

The D80 touchscreen IP phone will be available beginning in March 2017, and requires Switchvox version 6.3.5 or Asterisk with DPMA version 3.4.  Get more information about this revolutionary HD touchscreen IP phone.

Seven ways retailers can be more effective all year round

As Australian retailers recover from the busiest period of the year, it’s essential for them to understand how consumer shopping habits have changed due to a prevailing preference for online shopping. These retailers should consider implementing the right technology solutions to maximise their chances of success in the year to come.

By providing sales staff with mobile devices, they can provide customers with real-time access to additional information and in-the-moment offers, price checks and inventory information. These devices also connect sales staff with managers and other colleagues and stores within the retail chain. This makes staff more productive and helpful without having to walk away from the customer to a phone or point of sale station.

Ilan Rubin, managing director, Wavelink, said, “Retailers need to empower frontline staff to close the sale. This means giving them the means to get the information and approvals they need on the spot, so they can give the customer the best price or the information they need to encourage them to buy.”

Here are seven key ways that mobile devices can help retail staff be more effective:

1. Improved customer service

When staff have to leave the customer to find the answer to a question, the spell is broken. The customer has to wait for them to come back with an answer and may decide in the meantime to walk away. Mobile devices let sales staff provide the answers to any conceivable question and, what’s more, they can finalise the sale using mobile point of sale technology without having to direct the customer to a different area for payment.

2. More add-on sales

Using a mobile device makes it easier for sales staff to suggest complementary items, provide up-to-date insights on inventory and price, delivery times and more. They can even tell customers what previous customers have purchased in addition to that item to complete the outfit or project, saving the customer a second visit to the store. Staff can place an order for an out-of-stock item and arrange for it to be delivered to the customer’s home.

3. Enhanced staff management

Turnover tends to be high in retail and recruitment, and training can be costly. Most retailers rely heavily on part-time workers. Consequently, it’s important to use devices that deliver a user experience that’s similar to personal mobile devices, to minimise the amount of training required. New hires can become productive very quickly with all the information they need at their fingertips, and customers will enjoy better service and responsiveness.

4. Improved loss prevention

Surveillance, such as CCTV feeds, can be delivered directly to the mobile device, so managers, employees and security can have their eyes and ears on the floor at all times. Additionally, managers can receive alerts for specific events, such as if a freezer is left open or a fire escape is used, potentially minimising spoilage and theft.

5. Increased integration between the store and the warehouse

Mobile communications, workflow applications and automated alerts can impact inventory distribution workflows, improving both the customer experience and the bottom line. Being able to check stock levels at the warehouse facilitates inventory management and efficient fulfilment and return processes.

6. Improved inventory accuracy through radio frequency identification (RFID) technology

RFID tags help retailers manage inventory on the sales floor, reducing shrinkage, and can help on the supply chain side as well. RFID enables frequent inventory counting, which leads to improved inventory accuracy.

7. Deeper customer intelligence

Knowing your customer well means understanding their buying needs and behaviours, and engaging with them on a deeper, more individualised level. This includes understanding customer behaviour across a number of channels. Handheld devices can put that information at the sales employee’s fingertips, letting them customise the interaction according to that customer’s purchase history and loyalty, as well as any stated preferences.

Ilan Rubin said, “Retailers need to put consumers at the heart of their activities like never before. It’s not enough simply to offer products for sale; retailers need to offer an experience that’s unlike anything they can get at a competitor or online store. By using mobile devices equipped with the right apps, such as Spectralink Wi-Fi handsets, retailers can keep ahead of the competition and achieve sustainable growth.”

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Digium Phones: DPMA 3.3.0 and Phone Firmware

Aloha! When I last left you, we’d just launched phone firmware, which added support for Russian language to D6x model phones, Rapid Dial page timeout for the D65 model phones, New Zealand tone support for all models, improved security of PIN code entry, new remote restart capability, a change to the LLDP neighbor advertisement, infinite server retry, hidden server URL, and a change to the default codec set to eliminate any MTU issues. It was a rather large release.

Now, we’re back with the 2.2.1 firmware and its accompanying DPMA release, 3.3.0. The release has new features that primarily benefit users of D6x model phones, but also includes some bug-fixes that apply to all models.

Users will first notice that the phone’s default background image extends further up and down on the screen. What was this:


Has become this:


Better, right?

This was done because users wanted something better than the current idle screen logo capability, which only allows a custom image to take over a small part of the phone’s display. When you can use the whole display, you can do fun things, like this:


with the all new wallpaper support! To go along with the wallpaper support, you’ll notice that the clock is displayed in small font, rather than the standard, large clock display. This is the same clock font used when the phone loads idle screen logos; but we’ve not loaded one. Now, when you deploy your custom wallpaper, you can really show it off by minimizing the clock.

Connectivity Improvements

Astute viewers, who are probably Systems Administrators and Service Providers, will notice a cute blue shield icon up in the status bar in that phone’s screen image. The grey one over in the line indicator label tell us that we’re connected to the server using a TLS SIP transport. This new, blue one indicates that we’re connected to an OpenVPN server. Yes, to make your lives easier when solving remote connectivity issues including NAT and security, we’ve added OpenVPN support to the D6x model phones.

To help you get going, we’ve got a lovely wiki page detailing the ins and outs of OpenVPN configuration for Digium’s phones over on the Phones section of the wiki.


And, to see see a list of the bug-fixes, visa the phones Firmware page and the DPMA Changes pages on the wiki.

Thank you very much for your continued support and for using Digium’s products.


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Enhance Your Mobile Calling Experience with Apple’s CallKit and Switchvox


Today we are excited to share with you the latest release of Switchvox Softphone for iPhone! The Switchvox Softphone app takes full advantage of iOS 10 and the many features it has to offer, including Apple CallKit, to take your mobile communications to the next level.

Digium is among the first Unified Communications (UC) vendors to leverage the capabilities of Apple’s CallKit framework by integrating the softphone calling experience with native iOS call handling. At the same time, we’ve also optimised battery life performance and enhanced notifications and alerts.  The overall result of these updates improves your mobile calling experience.

By utilising native iOS call handling, the softphone app now interacts with your iPhone just like a regular phone call. You can answer calls, place calls on hold and work with multiple calls all from the lock screen – even if the app is closed.

Notifications from Switchvox have also been enhanced to keep you up-to-date with who is trying to contact you.  You can see notifications of incoming calls, missed calls and unread voicemail messages from Switchvox on your device’s lock screen or through the notifications menu.

As mentioned, the new Switchvox Softphone app helps preserve battery life and use less data. Enhanced push technology enables more efficient communication between the server and app, which allows you to stay connected longer while consuming less resources.
The latest Switchvox Softphone for iPhone is a revolutionary update that gives you greater flexibility and more confidence while away from your desk. It is available to download for free in the Apple iTunes Store, making it accessible for anyone using Switchvox. There are no additional in-app fees or ads. The requirements for the app are simple: iOS 10, Switchvox 6.3.3 or later and an extension subscription.  Ready to change how you work? Learn more about the benefits of mobility.

Switchvox Softphone Highlights

Digium IP Phones Training Videos for D6X series

These videos will review your Digium IP Phone’s physical interface.

The Digium D6x series IP phones are VoIP business phones designed specifically for Asterisk based phone systems.

All models include HDVoice, feature unprecedented plug-and-play deployment, and are available at a price to fit any budget. With multiple line appearances, contextual soft keys, and advanced applications, you can access the information you need instantly.

Digium®, Inc., provides Asterisk custom communications and Switchvox Unified Communications (UC) business phone systems that deliver enterprise-class features at a price businesses can afford. More information is available at: www.digium.com and www.asterisk.org.

SOTI MobiControl 13.3 Product Update


SOTI deepens remote support and Windows 10 management with the release of SOTI MobiControl 13.3. This release adds support for the Windows 10 Anniversary update, and simplifies Windows 10 management by allowing organisations to take advantage of both Windows 10 MDM APIs and the SOTI MobiControl Agent’s capabilities, which includes enhanced remote control. It also expands our industry leading remote support for Android devices by adding remote view support to Google Android devices, and full remote control for Sony mobile devices. SOTI continues to be the preferred EMM vendor with our best-in-class remote support.

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