The Biggest Little Phone System

Unlike “The Little Engine That Could,” there is no need to chant, “I think I can, I think I can…” when it comes to overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds – especially when it comes to choosing a more powerful phone system.

The smallest (in stature only) on-premise appliance that Digium recently released, the Switchvox E510, might be small but there’s no doubt about it.  It slays the competition.

Especially in the lower side of the SMB spectrum, small businesses have had difficulty finding an affordable phone system that isn’t limited in functionality, features, or usability.


Choosing a Phone System That Performs for Your Business

In the past, the “choices” of these budget-savvy business shoppers have been generally relegated to buying a phone system that is cheap, but as a trade-off you:

  • lose functionality,  such as the ability to work receive calls remotely, just as if you’re in the office
  • accept limits on features, such as a only being able to use a ring-all call queue or hunt group that can only have 5 phones in it and has no options for things like custom music on hold, or announcements for those waiting
  • get stuck with phones that are hard to use, interfaces that are not intuitive, or have a system that is not manageable by non-VoIP telephony experts.

Powerful and Affordable

But that’s all changed.  Just introduced on August 1, and now available, is the more powerful Switchvox E510 appliance. When it’s bundled with the award-winning Switchvox software, small businesses get all the enterprise-class, fully-featured, and advanced (yet simple) functions of its powerful enterprise brethren, but at a cost even the smallest of businesses can afford.  And though it’s an appliance that can essentially fit in the palm of your hand, it’s powerful enough to let your business enjoy multi-tiered Auto-Attendants, Visual Voicemail, Mobility options (such as advanced Call Rules), softphones and Call Queues with full functionality.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out our overview video that features the E510 as well as the other appliances in our new lineup. Let us show you how Switchvox can reinvigorate and optimize how your business communicates.

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