Why IoMT is putting healthcare facilities at risk

The rise of digital healthcare and technological advances such as the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is critical in creating better services and experiences for patients. However, these technologies also put healthcare facilities at considerable risk, according to Wavelink.

Hugo Hutchinson, Wavelink’s national business development manager for Fortinet, said, “Wireless connectivity and IoMT improves productivity, responsiveness, and patient resolution.

“However, a breach in security can cause loss of confidential patient information and even put lives at risk. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are a major threat vector at the moment, and are ripe targets for ransomware, DDos attacks, and IoMT breaches.”

While many facilities might not have the resources in-house to address their security concerns effectively, they can find a partner that can walk them through the journey. The right partner can guide the facility in making important decisions about how to manage and segregate the network to minimise the risk. For example, there should be different access levels and credentials for doctors, nurses, patients, and third-party visitors such as maintenance contractors.

Hugo Hutchinson said, “The security environment must include technology, governance, and awareness. Facilities should look for a partner to a conduct a cyber threat assessment so they know where they are today from a security risk perspective and have the information they need to get to an acceptable risk level in the next 12-24 months.

“In addition, consider reaching out to other similar organisations to understand what they are doing and even look at resources such as Essential Eight Explained and Internet of Things Security Guideline to see how they can help. Not everything is a cost, and there are many free resources to get started with.”

Source: Stoneridge Partners website.

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