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  • History of Telecommunication
  • Telecommunication sounds like a modern word, but communication over long distance has been used for centuries. Although they didn't have telephones and the internet, people still needed to communicate. Read this article and see how long distance communication has developed over the years.

  • History of the Telephone
  • Although the invention of the Telephone is clouded in controversy as to whom actually invented it, it still remains one of the greatest inventions in the real of communications.

  • Benefits of VoIP & IP Phones
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is quickly becoming an economical way of communication in today's world. VoIP or IP phones are becoming cheaper or even free and can be conducted wherever you have a strong and reliable broadband connection.

  • Replacing Wires with Wireless
  • For a long time wired networks have been the preferred for most homes, businesses and work places. This has been for a number of reasons, such as speed, security and cost. However, wired technology is fast becoming out-dated due to the fast advancing technology of wireless technology.

  • Faster Than Fast Ethernet
  • The physical layer data rate of IEEE 802.11n is 300 Mbps, but the improvement over the previous standard's 54 Mbps is even greater than this because more of the capacity is available to real applications and less is wasted in protocol overhead. The technology uses three main innovations, find out what they are here.

  • Fully Compatible with Existing Networks
  • Clients that support 802.11n can take full advantage of the higher speeds from day one, regardless of whether the network is shared with devices utilizing 802.11a, b, or g.

  • 802.11n - Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Upgrading to 802.11n doesn't just mean a faster wireless network. It means a faster edge network too, able to replace Ethernet for any application. With Meru's Virtualized Wireless LAN, the network is more secure, reliable and scalable than Ethernet, making cabling upgrades unnecessary. By moving to an all-wireless edge network, enterprises no longer have to deal with two separate means of access.

  • I Need to Deploy 802.11n
  • High-speed 802.11n wireless is a mature technology with the fastest adoption rate the industry has ever seen. Every day, more consumers, enterprises and service providers recognize the benefits of the technology and come to share Meru's vision of the All-Wireless Enterprise. When combined with Virtualized Wireless LANs, it enables users to break free from their dependence on wires altogether.

  • Why Wireless LAN Virtualization
  • Many IT organizations are understandably skeptical about wireless. The legacy microcell systems installed in most enterprises have a reputation for complexity, poor security and lackluster performance. In a challenging business climate, few organizations want their IT departments to build out a new edge network simply for users' convenience.

  • The Wireless Edge - Why Wireless?
  • Most Meru customers have not yet moved away from wires completely. But many have realized that with a Virtualized Wireless LAN, they no longer need expensive upgrades to Ethernet edge networks. And in facilities that are not already wired, Meru customers often see no need to lay cables to every desktop or room at all.

  • I Need to Deploy Voice over Wireless Lan
  • With VoIP replacing circuit-switched telephony and wireless replacing wires, the technology is mature and growing. Running VoIP over a wireless network can improve productivity by making users easily reachable through a single number. It can cut costs by reducing consumption of cellular minutes as well as reducing land-line costs. And it can ensure coverage throughout a facility by including areas that traditional cell phone signals cannot penetrate.

  • Reliable Video Delivery Over Meru Networks
  • Wavelink, supported by Meru provides reliable viedo delivery. Like data, video is very sensitive to packet loss. Even a loss rate of 1% can produce noticeable artifacts, and rates of just a few percent can blank a screen altogether. Loss is also more likely with video than with voice because video applications are more likely to use 802.11n, which is lossy by design.

  • E(z)RF Service Assurance Manager
  • E(z)RF Service Assurance Manager is the industry's first proactive operations and diagnostics system for wireless networks and the applications that run over them. It uses Meru's Virtualized Wireless LAN technology to give an IT Manager a true clients-eye view of the network, finding and fixing potential problems before they affect real users.

  • Technical FAQ
  • This page provides the answers to frequently asked questions regarding Ip Telephony, VoIP phones, VoIP handsets and other questions regarding DECT Phones.

  • DECT Standards Explained
  • This page provides a huge amount of information on DECT and the various standards.

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