I Need To Deploy Voice over Wireless LAN

i need to deploy voice over wireless lan

With VoIP replacing circuit-switched telephony and wireless replacing wires, the technology is mature and growing. Running VoIP over a wireless network can improve productivity by making users easily reachable through a single number. It can cut costs by reducing consumption of cellular minutes as well as reducing land-line costs. And it can ensure coverage throughout a facility by including areas that traditional cell phone signals cannot penetrate.

Meru is a leader in wireless VoIP technology, with customers utilizing the technology in their facilities since 2003. Wireless LAN Virtualization makes 802.11 telephony accessible to all. It provides the same mobility benefits as cell phones but at a lower cost, with a higher call quality and with more advanced features that converge voice and data. The Virtual Cell ensures smooth roaming. The Virtual Port ensures high quality of service, giving the enterprise control over all wireless devices with no proprietary client software.

Meru's leadership in voice over WLAN is recognized throughout the industry. Meru is a driving force in the standards bodies, heading up the effort to create the first Wi-Fi Alliance certification for enterprise voice... Meru has already partnered with leading phone manufacturers, including Spectralink (Polycom), Apple, Ascom and Vocera. The Meru WINS (Wireless Interoperability and Network Solutions) program certifies many different handsets for high performance with Meru wireless LAN infrastructure, including the latest Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry devices. T-Mobile has partnered with Meru to ensure smooth handoffs between 802.11 and cellular networks using dual-mode phones supporting Unified Mobile Access (UMA.)

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