Replacing Wired with Wireless

For a long time wired networks have been the preferred for most homes, businesses and work places. This has been for a number of reasons, such as speed, security and cost. However, wired technology is fast becoming out-dated due to the fast advancing technology of wireless technology.

Speed, 802.11n

For a long time wirless networks and other software has just been too slow compared to its wired counterparts. However, with the high speeds of 802.11n this is no longer such a big deal. Although wired cables are still faster than 802.11n, the gap has been brought together significantly. 802.11n wirless networks are very quick and can be beneficial.

Less Clutter

A major advantage to wireless networks and all wirless products really, is the lack of wires that need to be looked after. With no wires, there are not as many issues. Changing positions in the workplace or at home becomes a breeze, with the wireless connection remaining wherever you are. Also the untidiness of wires everywhere is also reduced with wireless technology.

Wireless Security

At first wireless can seem inherently insecure, however with the introduction of 802.11i and WPA-Enterprise security, this has been vastly improved and some even claim that they are more secure then their wired counterparts. Enterprise Wireless LANs encrypt data and require users to authenticate themselves, while other wired networks often allow anyone to connect once they get physical access to the network.

Cost of Wireless

Although the initial purchase of the wireless equiptment may be more expensive, overall wireless technology should prove to be cheaper. This is due to the installation of the wired proucts, compared to the wireless counterparts. With a wired network, cables need to be bought and installed to all the computers in the workplace, while a wireless router needs to be connected to the internet, and then starts providing a wireless connection to all the computers.


As is evident from this page, wireless technology is fast becoming an important part of business, homes and work places today. With strong security, fast speeds, less clutter and decent prices, the wireless solution is fast becoming an ideal solution to many business needs.

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