The Wireless Edge - Why All Wireless?

Most Meru customers have not yet moved away from wires completely. But many have realized that with a Virtualized Wireless LAN, they no longer need expensive upgrades to Ethernet edge networks. And in facilities that are not already wired, Meru customers often see no need to lay cables to every desktop or room at all.

Lower Cost Than Ethernet

Virtualization has already brought enormous cost savings to servers and storage through economies of scale and more agile resource allocation. Virtualization does the same for edge networks. Wireless installations eliminate the high cabling costs associated with wired networks.

Compared to microcell wireless systems, Meru's Virtual Cell allows customers to use approximately 30% fewer access points as they can all transmit at full power without interference. Virtualized Wireless LANs simplify configuration and change management, dramatically reducing ongoing service, support and operational costs.

More Secure Than Ethernet

Wireless networks are now so secure that wired Ethernet has begun to adopt many technologies that first appeared in the wireless world. For example, 802.1x forms the foundation of Network Access Control (NAC) and has been standard in enterprise wireless equipment for years. But legacy microcell wireless networks still lack the physical security that wired users take for granted. Meru is different.

The same technology that enables Virtualized Wireless LANs can also extend an invisible barrier of radio waves around a network's perimeter or drop attackers' packets before they reach an access point, while the privacy of the Virtual Port helps prevent intrusion and eavesdropping.

Easier to Manage Than Ethernet

Wireless has a reputation as complex and difficult to manage, requiring costly consultants or skills in the black arts of radio frequency engineering. Meru automates most of this, enabling Virtual Ports to be treated in the same way as physical ports.

The difference is that provisioning and troubleshooting are much simpler. Creating a new port or altering the bandwidth and QoS parameters available on Meru's Virtualized Wireless LAN is a process that takes seconds instead of the hours it would take on a traditional Ethernet network.

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