Trade In Old Handsets and Save
It's time to upgrade and save!

Wavelink is pleased to announce a new opportunity for customers looking to trade up from their existing Spectralink 7420/7440/4020/4040 handsets or older KIRK model handsets.

Wavelink is offering a ‘FREE’ charger kit with every new handset* purchased in exchange for customers’ obsolete handsets.

The charger kit include a charger and PSU valued at MRSP: $72.80 ex GST.

Ordering Part Codes:

K-PROMO-7202 (7202 + Charger + PSU) K-PROMO-7212 (7212 + Charger + PSU)
K-PROMO-7522 (7522 + Charger + PSU) K-PROMO-7532 (7532 + Charger + PSU)
K-PROMO-7622 (7622 + Charger + PSU) K-PROMO-7642 (7642 + Charger + PSU)
K-PROMO-7722 (7722 + Charger + PSU) K-PROMO-7742 (7742 + Charger + PSU)



This offer is valid until 30 June 2018.


Terms & Conditions on offer
  • This offer is on a one-for-one basis (ie can only purchase one promotional handset/charger bundle for every handset that is planned to be returned)

  • The new handset/charger bundles will be invoiced at standard pricing and a credit issued against the reseller’s account for the value of the reseller standard buy price for the charger bundle upon receipt of the obsolete Spectralink 7420/7440/4020/4040 handsets or older KIRK model handsets they are replacing.

  • Obsolete handsetsmust be returned to Wavelink within 45 days of invoice.

  • Wavelink will issue an RGA for the return of handsets when creating the sales order for the new handsets

  • Only applies to orders of 1-29 handsets at standard pricing tier discounts (ie cannot be applied to 30+ handset orders)

  • Does not apply to orders with special project pricing / may not be combined with other offers.

  • Trade up offer does not apply to Spectralink Butterfly handsets.
    * Trade up offer applies to the 72 series, 75 series, 76 series and 77 series handsets.


For information about this promotion please contact

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